Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: WHSI) 2022 Catalysts: 4G, Up List Application And Customer Care

Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: WHSI) is poised for takeoff in 2022. Here’s why its ready for growth in the $7.4 Billion PERS (Personal Emergency Remote Solutions) remote monitoring market:

  • WHSI will launch its breakthrough iHelp 4G MAX product in early 2022
  • Telecommunications industry will adopt 4G and exit 3G in Q1 2022
  • WHSI files Form 10 and applies for up list to OTCQB 
  • Company is fiscally armed, with a fully subscribed Reg. A. offering at $5 million
  • WHSI projects full year 2022 volume at $5.87 million
  • ‘Telehealth’ is the key to the market. WHSI is readying its iHelp Next Generation Platform (NGP) to monitor vitals such as blood pressure and oxygen levels  
  • Technology and customer care differentiates WHSI in a ‘fragmented’ market

The PERS market is forecast by QYR Research to reach $12.3 billion by 2027. It is seen growing at a 6.92% CAGR from $7.7 billion last year.

CEO Says WHSI ‘Sufficiently Capitalized’ For 2022 

Harrysen Mittler, chairman and CEO of WHSI, says the company is ‘sufficiently capitalized’ for 2022 and ready to grow. WHSI stock will be more visible to the financial community and capital markets if the up list is approved.

Investors should put WHSI stock on their Watch List because the Company is competing in a fragmented market with little branding.

Technology defines WHSI as a preferred and unique player in this fast-growing market. WHSI stands out with ‘smart’ remote monitoring products with artificial intelligence (AI), BlueTooth, Backend As A Service (Baas), IoT, Wi-Fi, Central Cloud Management and in 2022 4G telecommunications. 

‘Telehealth Is The Future’

‘Telehealth’ is the future of remote monitoring. For the elderly, lone workers and ill patient demographic; communicating vital signs with medical workers and institutions is critical.

Another factor is customer care. Recently hired Marc Cayle, VP of Innovation and Technology, says that the remote monitoring device industry suffers from a 33% attrition (return) rate. ‘White glove service’ that educates dealers and consumers can cut that number to single digits, Cayle says. 

“4G will be the catalyst for companies like WHSI in the remote monitoring PERS industry,” Cayle comments. Telecommunications providers like AT&T have announced they will drop 3G in January in favor of 4G.

That means all remote monitoring devices will need to be replaced. It also positions WHSI decisively in a leading position with its 2022 launch of the iHelp 4G MAX. 

WHSI is moving rapidly towards the telehealth market. WHSI’s iHelp MAX™ 4G will be ‘telehealth ready’ when it launches early next year. 

Bio-Sensor Delivers Vitals

WHSI is developing a bio-sensor that can deliver vitals such as temperature,pulse and heart rate into a portal. Paired with peripherals, the iHelp 4G MAX is designed as a next generation product.

It will have body mounted sensors and artificial intelligence (AI). Fall detection and geofencing are other features. It features Wi-Fi, NFC (wireless data transfer) technology and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.Keep WHSI stock on your watch list as the Company integrates technology into its remote control monitoring products. For more information, go to wearablehealthsolutions.com